Hewlet Packard / HP - 0957-2231 - 100 - 240v Worldwide Power Supply - £29-90 plus VAT - In Stock

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Power module - Input voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ – Output voltage 32VDC, 600mA, 20 watts - Requires a separate 2-wire AC power cord (Universal)


HP Deskjet 1420 1430 2430 4135

HP DeskJet D1400 D1445 D1460 D1468 D1470 D1520 D1530 D1550 D1558 D1560 D2445 D2460 D2468 D4260 D4263 D4268 D4360 D4363 D4368

HP DeskJet F2110 F2120 F2128 F2140 F2180 F2185 F2187 F2188 F2210 F2224 F2235 F2250 F2275 F2276 F2280 F2288 F2290 F4140 F4150 F4172 F4175 F4180 F4185 F4190 F4194

HP PhotoSmart C3140 C4205 C4210 C4235 C4240 C4250 C4270 C4272 C4273 C4275 C4280 C4283 C4285 C4288 C4293 C4294 C4340 C4343 C4345 C4348 C4380 C4383 C4385 C4388 C4390 C4424 C4435 C4440 C4450 C4472 C4473 C4480 C4483 C4485 C4486 C4488 C4524 C4550 C4580 C4583 C4585 C4588 C4599