Brother - UG3626001 - UL8211001 - UK Telephone Lead for Brother Fax Machines - £13-99 plus VAT - In Stock

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Brother DCP-130C

Brother DCP-135C
Brother DCP-150C
Brother DCP-153C
Brother DCP-155C
Brother DCP-157C
Brother DCP-195C
Brother DCP-197C
Brother DCP-350C
Brother DCP-353C
Brother DCP-560CN
Brother DCP-7010 DCP-7010L
Brother DCP-7025
Brother DCP-7030
Brother DCP-7045 DCP-7045N
Brother DCP-7055 DCP-7055W
Brother DCP-7060D
Brother DCP-7065DN
Brother DCP-7070DW
Brother DCP-770CW
Brother DCP-8040
Brother DCP-8045D DCP-8045DN
Brother DCP-8060
Brother DCP-8065DN
Brother DCP-9010CN
Brother DCP-9015CDW DCP-9017CDW
Brother DCP-9042CDN
Brother DCP-J125
Brother DCP-J315W
Brother DCP-J4110DW
Brother DCP-J4120DW
Brother DCP-J515W
Brother DCP-J615W
Brother DCP-J715W
Brother DCP-L2500D DCP-L2510D DCP-L2512D
Brother DCP-L2520D DCP-L2520DW
Brother DCP-L2540DN DCP-L2540DW DCP-L2541DW
Brother DCP-L2560DW
Brother DCP-L2700DN DCP-L2700DNR MFC-L2700DW
Brother Fax 1020 1020E
Brother Fax 1025
Brother Fax 1030 1030E
Brother Fax 1360
Brother Fax 1460
Brother Fax 1560
Brother Fax 1835C
Brother Fax 1840C 1840CN
Brother Fax 1940CN
Brother Fax 2440C
Brother Fax 2820
Brother Fax 2825
Brother Fax 2920
Brother Fax 510 Thermal Fax
Brother Fax 515 Thermal Fax
Brother Fax 525DT Thermal Fax
Brother Fax 8060P
Brother Fax 8070P
Brother Fax 8360P Series
Brother Fax 8650P
Brother Fax 920
Brother Fax T102
Brother Fax T104
Brother Fax T106
Brother Fax T72
Brother Fax T74 Series
Brother Fax T76
Brother Fax T78 Series
Brother Fax T94 Series
Brother Fax T96 Series
Brother Fax T98 Series
Brother HL-2280DW
Brother MFC-210C
Brother MFC-215C
Brother MFC-235C
Brother MFC-240C
Brother MFC-250C
Brother MFC-255CW
Brother MFC-260C
Brother MFC-265C
Brother MFC-290C
Brother MFC-295CN
Brother MFC-3340CN
Brother MFC-3360C
Brother MFC-3420C
Brother MFC-3820CN
Brother MFC-410CN
Brother MFC-425CN
Brother MFC-440C
Brother MFC-465CN
Brother MFC-490CW
Brother MFC-5440CN
Brother MFC-5460CN
Brother MFC-5490CN
Brother MFC-580
Brother MFC-5840CN
Brother MFC-620CN
Brother MFC-640CW
Brother MFC-6490CW
Brother MFC-660CN
Brother MFC-680CN
Brother MFC-6890CDW
Brother MFC-7220
Brother MFC-7225N
Brother MFC-7320
Brother MFC-7360N
Brother MFC-7420
Brother MFC-7440N
Brother MFC-7460DN
Brother MFC-7820N
Brother MFC-7840N MFC-7840W
Brother MFC-7860DW
Brother MFC-790CW
Brother MFC-795CW
Brother MFC-820CW
Brother MFC-8220
Brother MFC-8420
Brother MFC-8440
Brother MFC-845CW
Brother MFC-8460DN MFC-8460N
Brother MFC-8510DN
Brother MFC-8520DN
Brother MFC-8820D
Brother MFC-8840D MFC-8840DN
Brother MFC-8860
Brother MFC-8860DN MFC-8861DN
Brother MFC-8870DW
Brother MFC-8910DW MFC-8950DW MFC-8950DWT
Brother MFC-9030 Series
Brother MFC-9060
Brother MFC-9070
Brother MFC-9120CN
Brother MFC-9140CDN
Brother MFC-9320CW MFC-9325CW
Brother MFC-9330CDW MFC-9935CDW
Brother MFC-9340CDW
Brother MFC-9420CN
Brother MFC-9440CN
Brother MFC-9450CN MFC-9450CDN
Brother MFC-9660 Series
Brother MFC-9760
Brother MFC-9840CDW
Brother MFC-9860
Brother MFC-9870 Series
Brother MFC-9880 Series
Brother MFC-990CW
Brother MFC-J2510
Brother MFC-J3530DW
Brother MFC-J3720DW
Brother MFC-J3930DW
Brother MFC-J430W MFC-J432W MFC-J435W
Brother MFC-J4320DW
Brother MFC-J4410DW
Brother MFC-J4420DW
Brother MFC-J4510DW
Brother MFC-J4610DW
Brother MFC-J4620DW
Brother MFC-J4625DW
Brother MFC-J470DW MFC-J475DW
Brother MFC-J4710DW
Brother MFC-J5620DW
Brother MFC-J5625DW
Brother MFC-J5720DW
Brother MFC-J5910DW
Brother MFC-J625DW
Brother MFC-J650DW
Brother MFC-J6510DW
Brother MFC-J6530DW MFC-J6535DW MFC-J6545DW
Brother MFC-J6710DW
Brother MFC-J6730DW
Brother MFC-J6910DW
Brother MFC-J6930DW
Brother MFC-J825DW
Brother MFC-J870DW MFC-J875DW
Brother MFC-L2680W
Brother MFC-L2710DN MFC-L2710DW
Brother MFC-L2720DW
Brother MFC-L2730DW MFC-L2732DW
Brother MFC-L2740DW
Brother MFC-L2750DW MFC-L2750DWXL