Canon - QK2-2559 - QK2-2561 - QK1-5800 - K30377 - Worldwide 100-240v Power Supply - £29-99 plus VAT - Back in Stock!

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Canon Pixma G1000 G1001 G1010

Canon Pixma G1100 G1110 G1400 G1410 G1411 G1510 G1511 G1610 G1800 G1900

Canon Pixma G2000 G2001 G2002 G2010 G2100 G2102 G2110

Canon Pixma G2400 G2410 G2411 G2415 G2510 G2511

Canon Pixma G2800 G2900

Canon Pixma G3000 G3001 G3010 G3100 G3102 G3110

Canon Pixma G3400 G3410 G3411 G3415 G3501 G3510

Canon Pixma G3800 G3900

Canon Pixma G4010 G4100 G4102 G4110 G4200 G4400 G4410 G4500 G4510 G4511 G4600 G4800 G4900

Please Note: All Canon Power Supplies are strictly non-returnable, we are happy to replace it if it has proven faulty from new but we will not accept it back if it does not cure your fault. It's your responsibility to make certain that your existing power supply is actually faulty & is the cause of your printer not working. Please ensure you have selected the correct power supply for your printer before purchasing as we don't accept returns under these circumstances. The printers that use this power supply are listed above. If you're not sure contact us first.