Canon - QY6-0054 - QY6-0047 - Genuine Replacement Printhead - £59-99 plus VAT - No Longer Available

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Please note that, as an authorised Canon Partner, we only sell original Canon printheads & parts. There are a lot of unreliable Chinese copies on the market!


Canon i450 Series
Canon i455
Canon i470 i470D
Canon i475 i475D
Canon imageCLASS MP360
Canon imageCLASS MP370
Canon imageCLASS MP390
Canon MultiPass 360 - MP360
Canon MultiPass 370 - MP370
Canon MultiPass 390 - MP390
Canon MultiPass C390 - MPC390
Canon PIXMA iP1500
Canon PIXMA iP2000
Canon PIXMA MP110
Canon PIXMA MP130
Canon PIXMA MP410
Canon PIXMA MP430
Canon PIXUS 450i
Canon PIXUS 455i
Canon PIXUS 470PD
Canon PIXUS 475PD
Canon PIXUS MP130
Canon PIXUS MP330
Canon PIXUS MP360
Canon PIXUS MP370
Canon PIXUS MP375R
Canon PIXUS MP390
Canon SmartBase iP1500
Canon SmartBase iP2000
Canon SmartBase MP360
Canon SmartBase MP370
Canon Smartbase MP390