Hewlett Packard / HP - 0957-2269 - 0957-2280 - 100v - 240v Worldwide Power Supply - £25-00 plus VAT - In Stock

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Power module - Input voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 625mA - Output voltage 32VDC, 20 watts - Requires a separate 2-wire AC power cord


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HP Deskjet D1650 D1658 D1660 D1663

HP Deskjet D2645 D2660 D2663 D2666 D2668 D2680

HP Deskjet D4260

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HP Deskjet F735

HP Deskjet F2410 F2420 F2423 F2430 F2460 F2476 F2480 F2483 F2488 F2492 F2493

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